KH617 is a treatment for Glioblastoma, which has shown good results in preclinical research.

Glioblastoma is the most common and aggressive primary brain tumor, that accounts for 50% of central nervous system tumors (WHO Grade IV). Glioblastoma patients have a quite poor clinical prognosis, while the existing therapeutic drugs and medical devices are not able to meet clinical needs.

With an efficacy that is significantly superior to currently available treatments, KH617 produces a significant reduction in tumor growth rate and prolongs the overall survival in animal models, it shows better effect than the existing therapy.

By means of tumor spontaneous luminescence technology, the intracranial tumor volume can be observed in real time, and it is confirmed that the efficacy is significantly better than the existing treatment methods.

In 2022, Sichuan Honghe Biotechnology Co., LTD. had received the approval from the National Medical Products Administration and FDA for KH617 to conduct clinical trials.

This is in clinical trials