Express gratitude with actions

We have been consistently working on a number of undertakings including targeted poverty alleviation, donations to schools, earthquake relief, charity clinics, patient assistance, and cultural promotion. In addition, we have also established a series of social welfare projects based on our “Light Up the World” charity fund.

Corporate social responsibility:

Fighting the Novel Coronavirus in 2020

In 2020, the whole world has been deeply affected by the novel coronavirus. Our lives as well as social and economic development have suffered a hard blow.

It is essential for us to maintain continuous production, so as to ensure continuous supply of drugs. To this end, we have worked very hard to ensure the safety of employees and products by caring for employees, health monitoring, raising awareness of correct epidemic prevention, and precise control of drug life-cycle.

To fight against the novel coronavirus, we have also donated nearly 10 million yuan in the forms of cash and protective supplies to social welfare organizations to help medical institutions to overcome the shortage of supplies during the pandemic and to assist patients. Through our unwavering commitment, we hope that every donation and every item of supplies will warm the hearts of medical workers and bring hope to patients.

In addition, we are deeply concerned that many medical workers participating in anti-epidemic efforts are unable to effectively manage their mental health due to long work hours and immense pressure. We would like to take advantage of our influence and resources in the industry, to provide medical workers with mental health support, so as to help those in need of assistance to better manage their emotions and hence work and live better.

“Light Up the World” Patient Assistance Project

In 2015, the charity fund “Light Up the World” was jointly launched by Kanghong Pharmaceutical and China Social Assistance Foundation. Through the donation of medicines and other forms of assistance, the program aims to help the majority of impoverished AMD patients, enabling them to receive more effective medical treatment and benefit from improved treatment results.

As of the end of 2019

  • More than 40,000 patients have successfully applied for assistance. About 50,000 vials of drugs which are worth more than 250 million yuan have been distributed.
  • At the same time, we are also carrying out free medical consultation and patient assistance activities in impoverished areas with underdeveloped healthcare facilities. This endeavor is spread across 13 impoverished regions in China and has helped more than 11,000 low-income patients.
  • 2015 marked the 70th Anniversary of the Victory of the World Anti-Fascist War. A “Caring for Anti-Japanese War Veterans” charity project has been specially established by the “Light Up the World” charity fund, to provide veterans with daily living and physical health assistance, and to express our gratitude for their efforts and contributions to world peace.

Targeted Poverty Alleviation

Concerned about the economic development of impoverished regions, Kanghong Pharmaceutical has established a “one-to-one” assistance project with Shituo Village.

Shituo Village sits at the foot of Great Liangshan Mountains, a mountainous area of western China. It is 44 kilometers from the nearest county. As villagers are living below the poverty line, they are unable to secure their own livelihoods, nor their children’s education.

After learning about the status quo, Kanghong Pharmaceutical lent a hand in the development of regional agriculture and animal husbandry industries, and has paid more attention to young dropouts. After one year of concerted efforts, the annual income of impoverished families in Shituo Village increased by more than 60%, and school-age children were able to attend school.

“We shall remember your donation and support forever, and will develop our hometown for sure. Green mountains are more beautiful when accompanied by clear water, and blue skies are made prettier when there are white clouds. Thanks to your support, we are embarking on a rosy road out of poverty.”

—A villager from Shituo Village, China

Central Asian Countries’ Light Project

In 2018, we joined hands with the Ophthalmology Alliance of the “Central Asian Countries’ Light Project” and discussed cooperation with Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Kazakhstan, and other countries along the route to carry out local patient assistance projects. At the same time, we shared our clinical experience and academic knowledge through academic exchanges to improve local medical practice.